and that if you’re not experiencing ‘success’ it’s because something is wrong with you, your level of commitment or your mindset.

Hi! I'm Allegra!

I’m here to tell you:
the problem isn't you. 

I'm tired of amazing coaches being told that there's one right way to build a coaching practice...

The coach in a hoodie


The idea that there is one right way to be a coach or build a practice takes none of this into account  so I’m taking a stand and misfit to maverick is my rebellion!

We are all unique, creative, interesting individuals who have our own strengths and coaching styles.

I spent almost 8 years trying to build my practice in a way that mirrored what I believed – and was told – was the right way to do things.

I created the Niching Compass and built the Misfit to Maverick community to share with coaches everything I wish I’d known when I first started, especially if you’re feeling discouraged about your coaching practice and can’t seem to find a path forward that’s a good fit (like I was!). 

Each time I tried to fit my new projects into the ‘right way’ box, they’d burst out – leaving me feeling inspired but also disheartened by all my ‘off plan’ ideas. 

I invested in countless programs and coaches, which all promised to grow my business if I followed the plan to the letter. 

I’d want to change my niche, or activate a new idea, or do something different and ‘off-plan’. I’d build a list and then ignore it, abandon a niche to explore working with someone new.

... but it never felt right.

It wasn’t until I really understood how I prefer to WORK – honouring my own strengths, values, skills and interests via YouMap (a tool I’m now certified in, and a key part of the Niching Compass program, the flagship course in Misfit to Maverick), that all of the dots started to connect.

Turns out I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was simply doing things MY way. 

Which is what I want for you. 

I'm giving you permission to do things YOUR way.

Teach you things about yourself I think EVERY coach should know before taking one more step forward in your business

Show you simple and creative ways to design your next coaching project, shine your light, and create your next client.



What i AM here to do is:

I’m not going to promise to make you six figures in six months. And I’m not here to teach you how to scale or run successful FB ads and online funnels.


create a community, a home for you as a coach where you can connect with, support, and be supported by other coaches like you - a creative and unique coaching maverick!

Misfit to Maverick is the launchpad. You are the rocket. Let’s go.

You just want to coach. And it’s time to start.

I spent 2+ years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria.

I moved solo from LA to NYC to join Teach For America, and spent 5 years teaching middle and high school biology.

I’ve tracked mountain lions in the Malibu Mountains and civet cats in the lowlands of Nepal.

ok here goes...

Want some fun facts about me?

I’m married with two kiddos. And I love a cold IPA next to a campfire.

definitely Not your ‘one size fits all’ coach.

Where to next?

    Check out my notes to coaches for my spiky point of view on being a coach, rebelling against the coaching industrial complex, and carving our own unique paths through the coaching landscape.

    New Approach to Coaching