I'm here to challenge traditional coaching models, help you center your coaching around who YOU are, and close the gap between you and your next client.

simplifying coaching, redefining "niche" and guiding coaches who want to do things their own way.


Misfit to Maverick





Wondering if you’re turning into a clone of all the other coaches out there

Putting off your next steps because 1) you have no idea what to do or 2) what you’re being told you SHOULD do is driving you absolutely crazy

Taking action that feels inauthentic and no fun

Stifling your creativity and curiosity to fit into the traditional coaching mold

Feeling stuck in your coaching practice and directionless in creating your next client

I know you're sick of:

I've been where you are!

Listen... there is no one right way to build a coaching practice

Feel secure in what you offer and in your ability to recognize a good fit client

Create a coaching experience (i.e offer!) aligned to YOUR interests, lifestyle, and coaching style – that you’re excited to share with others

Have some fun deciding how you want to move forward with your skill set – starting with amplifying your strengths, values, and quirks

Get back to work and to cultivating relationships with YOURSELF, your biz and your audience

Clarify, build confidence in, and communicate what makes you different as a coach

What if you could...

I'm here to help you find that way.

But there is a right way for you! 

To the coach who is confused. The coach who is forcing themself to suffer through to meet self imposed deadlines. The coach who loves helping people but doesn’t love the structure of business. The coach who feels on the edge of burnout. To the coach who just doesn’t feel like they can be themself as they practice - the Niching Compass is for you.

To the coach who is forcing themselves to suffer & doesn't feel like they can be themselves - the niching compass is for you. 

- Dana Basten, Certified Life Coach

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Want to learn more about my approach and point of view?

I’ve been coaching for almost a decade, and I’m here to teach you everything I wish I’d known when I started!

Who you are is as much a part of your niche as who you want to help. ready to learn how to run your coaching practice your OWN way, and to honor your natural gifts and coaching style from the beginning?

Hi! I'm Allegra!

Today I did a discovery call - the first real one since starting the Niching Compass - and it went so amazingly well. I was able to talk about how I operate as a coach and what I believe in...the potential client loved what I said and is going to sign up.

It just felt really, really good to be congruent with everything that I've learned and to not be immersed in the old story of how I SHOULD do a discovery call and what my sessions SHOUD look like. Thank you for everything you've done - it is proving to be so helpful for me.

My first discovery call after joining the niching compass went amazingly well! She loved what I said and is going to sign up!

Then, and only then, do we begin to play and experiment with the business side of our work. start shining and inviting. Get your point of view and offer out in the world, invite people to take the next step in your coaching partnership, and get coaching.

taking all of Phase 1 into account, design a nimble and snappy coaching offer and start closing the gap between you and your next client. eliminate "niche drama" and talk to your people.

Clarify and build confidence in YOUR unique gifts, values, and lifestyle.

The Business of Coaching

The Coaching

The Coach

Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 1

where you and your coaching come first

The Misfit to Maverick Approach to Coaching

⊙ ...what's MISSING from the conversation around niching for coaches

⊙ ...how picking a niche is like baking cookies

⊙ ...what YOU bring into your niche that no other coach out there brings 

You don't need a niche to start coaching.

Dear Coaches..

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You Don't Need a Niche to Start Coaching!

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