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Bring who you are into your work - have more fun, embrace what makes you different, and build a coaching practice that celebrates and honors all that makes you unique and totally awesome.

w/ Allegra Stein

How can you coach others if you don't know who you are yourself?

This course is for any coach who wants to:

As a certified YouMap® coach I developed the YouMap® for Coaches program (formerly the Niching Compass) to help you understand, embody, and intentionally lead with your your unique gifts as you navigate the wild west of the coaching landscape

YouMap® is a holistic, intuitive, and actionable tool for deepening your understanding of your unique work preferences.

Understanding your strengths, values, skills and interests is essential to building a coaching practice that feels relaxed and sustainable. 

I believe that every coach should have - and USE - their YouMap®. 

•Your unique, top-5 strengths and how these natural talents inform your coaching and how you build your coaching ecosystem

•Your values and the role they play in client fit and feeling good about your work

•Your energizing and burnout skills, i.e. why some business-y tasks feel so easy and others totally stress you out

•Your interests and how they point you in the direction of what's motivating and inspiring to you

In this six week program you’ll build self-awareness around and learn how to harness your work preferences, including - 

• see your differences from others as your superpowers rather than liabilities.

• ease-fully let go of forcing yourself to do tasks that you find soul sucking and start doing things that you’ve been wanting to do for years simply because you want to do them

•find more creativity because you have the mental and emotional bandwidth back from dropping the comparisons and “shoulds” to other coaches

•trust your own style and approach to your work

•lead with your own strengths and values, instead of trying to fit into a specific coaching mold or process

• understand what you do and how you naturally coach a person
• engage with an amazing community of coaches and have accountability to move through material around building your coaching business by getting to know yourself deeply FIRST. 

Learning together with a cohort of fellow unique, interesting, kind, and generous coaches

Active learning, not passive watching - live, interactive zoom sessions where will dive into your YouMap® together and uncover its deeper layers

Accountability and Feedback - both with your fellow students and in hands on sessions with Allegra

High touch coaching and mentorship to help you deepen your understanding of your YouMap® profile and what it means to your coaching

Committing yes to take full advantage of your YouMap® 

Connecting with a cohort of fellow coaches - awesome, unique, generous and creative people!!

The benefits to you of joining a YouMap® for Coaches Cohort include:

I want in

HI! I'm Allegra!

I’ve been coaching for over 9 years, and, as an Ideator and Activator, I haven’t just THOUGHT about coaching, I’ve brought countless ideas to life - both in how I deliver my coaching AND how I build and market my practice. 

Now, as a certified YouMap® coach, I know how to help coaches get clear on, confident in, and communicate your one-of-a-kind strengths, values, preferred skills and personality based interests. No other coach brings what you bring to the table in the way that you do, from day one of your work as a coach. 

I'm here to help you build a practice that celebrates your quirks, aligns to your work preferences, and is focused on coaching.

Getting my YouMap® has been transformative in how I see myself, both as a coach and as a human being. It's changed just about everything in how I approach building my own coaching practice.

Actually knowing and understanding my strengths and values has given me permission to let me lead with them, instead of trying to fit into a specific coaching mold or process. It's let me relax and play and experiment, which has taken me so much farther than previous years of hustling and striving. And I know this is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. 

"It's changed just about everything in how I approach building my own coaching practice."

Catherine Ferguson

Having my YouMap® has helped me more clearly understand what I do, how I help, and how I naturally coach a person. Knowing the combination of my Strengths, Values, Skills, and Interests has been VERY helpful in making decisions around what I offer, which programs or coaches I want to work with, and how I’ll work best.

I think the best part of having my YouMap® was realizing that there aren’t “things to fix” about me - I’m not broken. Rather I have aspects to strengthen, enhance, and build upon. I feel much happier as a coach and as my everyday self. I no longer feel like a square peg in a round hole, and I experience very little burnout. I only wish I'd had my YouMap® sooner!  

"I feel much happier as a coach."

Krista Overly

The nitty-gritty:

Sessions will be scheduled for 90 minutes // each cohort will be capped at 10 coaches

After live sessins begin,
We'll meet for six sessions

Bringing it all together


clarifying your energizing and burnout SKILLS

aligning to your VALUES

using your STRENGTHS

introductions, setting up in our Mighty Network, and preparing to take your YouMap® assessments







Our curriculum:

You're Invited to Join YouMaP® For Coaches

You're Invited to Join YouMap
for Coaches

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At this time, no. A requirement of being a member of Misfit to Maverick is having - and working from! - your YouMap®. 

Can I just join M2M without going through this course?

While in the course you will also be a part of the Misfit to Maverick basecamp (your first two months are included in your course fee). At the end of the program you’ll have the option to continue as an M2M member on a monthly basis.

What happens at the end of the program? 


How much does it cost to stay in the M2M basecamp once the course is over?

Cohort based learning is a live experience and depends on students working together and bringing what they’ve learned into the space. If you can’t make one session that is not a problem - all will be recorded. If you can’t make any of the sessions, though, this is not the best time to join and you can keep your eyes peeled for future cohorts. 

What if I can’t make it live?

It gave me the “permission” to see my differences from others as my superpowers rather than liabilities. In turn, I was able to embrace these qualities and begin working WITH them vs. fighting them within myself by wishing I could “just be different” These benefits applied to both my personal and work life.

In my coaching, I was able to easefully let go of forcing myself to do tasks that I found soul sucking and start doing things that I’d been wanting to do for years simply because I wanted to do them - primary example, I stopped doing 2 hour sessions as I was trained to do and began offering 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions depending on the client’s needs or wants. That change alone has transformed my mindset from dread to excitement prior to every client.

"I found youmap® extremely enlightening to who I am as a person, not just related to my career."

Christin McLeod

My YouMap® gave me clarity, first of all. I have a deeper sense of who I am, and how those values, strengths and skills inform the type of client I want to work with along with the type of business I want to have.

Knowing that my number one strength is indeed a strength (positivity) and not something that I need to tamper is so freeing. I've been told that I look at the world through rose colored glasses, I'm too naive and too PolyAnna'ish so this was incredibly validating! 

I really think everyone should have their YouMap done. How can you coach others if you don't know who you are yourself?

"I really think everyone should have their YouMap® done."

Heidi Fryman

    Check out my notes to coaches for my spiky point of view on being a coach, rebelling against the coaching industrial complex, and carving our own unique paths through the coaching landscape.

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