"Allegra is a breath of fresh air in the coaching industry."

- Kim Job, Coach and Kim

Allegra is a breath of fresh air in the coaching industry. One of my clients recommended her and it only took about a week of being in her magical world before I was hooked. I signed up for Misfit to Maverick and was immediately embraced by Allegra (and her community.)  

I've known I was missing a sense of belonging. Allegra has created that. But even more than that, she's created unconditional belonging. Bring ALL of you belonging. The messy parts. The amazing parts. It's okay to be confused and overwhelmed. And it's okay to shine. In fact, it's encouraged. With Allegra, the YouMap, and the Maverick's help, I'm figuring out that being more of ME, and having more FUN is the fastest path to success in business, and more importantly a LIFE that feels amazing.  

My business was already successful, and I already felt good about the general direction I was headed. But something felt "off." I knew I was missing something. Guess what it was? ME! I was missing. Allegra and Misfit to Maverick have given me permission to not have it all figured out. To fine tune and experiment. To add more of my strengths and values in ways that are creative and fun. My business is growing even faster than it was before, and it FEELS so good.  

What coaches are saying about
Misfit to Maverick

"Joining Misfit to Maverick has helped me immensely in rediscovering not only my strengths but how I am wired and coaching from that place instead of being a cookie cutter coach."

-Lisa Schwartz, @lisayourlifecoach

I was recently certified as a life coach from a school which taught a style of coaching using a very specific tool. Quickly after I began classes, I noticed something didn't feel right inside of me but brushed it off and tried my best. I was able to learn this tool and implement it, but every time I coached people something didn't feel right. I kept trying to coach in this way but most of the time it didn't fit with my client’s needs nor my personality and once again, I brushed it off.
I kept trying to make it fit like when you try and squeeze into a size XS pair of jeans but you are really a size medium.

I felt despair and often thought, "maybe I made the wrong decision to be a life coach." Until I met Allegra and joined Misfit to Maverick.

After our initial conversation I realized that I had been pushing aside all of my natural strengths as a coach and trying to be like everyone else. There was never anything wrong with me and Allegra showed me it's more natural and easy to coach from a place of authenticity as well as utilizing my strengths. What a breath of fresh air.

Joining Misfit to Maverick has helped me immensely in rediscovering not only my strengths but how I am wired and coaching from that place instead of being a cookie cutter coach.

Misfit to Maverick is a community of other coaches where we encourage each other’s natural born talents and  strengths and help one another create any style of coaching business which is in direct alignment with our values. There is so much valuable content and support in the membership and Allegra is with us every step of the way. I encourage anyone who is struggling as a coach and/or in their business to join because this is a place where you can discover your unique gifts, talents and strengths and coach from that place.

We are all unique individuals and can create anything we want. 

Success stories from the Niching Compass

"If you're at all on the fence... it's a no brainer. Join immediately."

"I now know who I am as a coach. Working with allegra is like a breath of fresh air"

"There is the perfect coaching idea out there for you that you don't realize, and this will help you find it."

now the flagship course in Misfit to Maverick

"The Niching Compass has been a life-changing, long-lasting, and empowering experience"

-Itzamarie Chevere-Torres, STEM Career Coach

There are no other words that could better describe my experience in the Niching Compass but to say that it has been a life-changing, long-lasting, and empowering experience.

I have started to embrace and love my strengths and can see that there are people who need those gifts. 

I can also say out loud with confidence that I am a coach. Before the Niching compass, I was afraid to share that part of me and now, as a result of this program, I feel more comfortable sharing that part of my life with others.

I have the right mindset and motivation to face and conquer my fears, have started to reach out and have conversations with women in science - something new and challenging for me - and I have created a coaching project that I am excited about. 

This program has given wings to my dreams and ideas and Allegra’s adaptability is the cure to my anxiety and burnout, helping me understand that this is not about perfection. It’s about experimenting, learning and adapting.

"As a result of the Niching Compass...I have created three new clients!"

- Dr. Natasha Knight, 
Discover the Remarkable You

I decided to join Allegra’s program after I'd finished my coaching certification but wasn't quite sure how to get started with creating clients.

As a result (of the Niching Compass)I've learned a lot more about my ideal client's language through a Conversation Project, have created three new clients and may have 2-3 additional clients coming on board next week.

I'm moving forward with my coaching practice, even though I'm still nervous about it.

Allegra is both insightful and encouraging. Her approach to coaching would be a good fit if you’re afraid or unsure of how to get started, or excited about coaching but can't figure out how to connect with potential clients.

"Allegra is the person you want by your side. She believes in you, cheers you on, and holds space for your growth with wisdom and compassion."

- Annique Sampson, Life Coach

When I decided to work with Allegra and join the Niching Compass, I was feeling confused and worried that I would never make it as a coach. 

As a result of this experience, I think I am kinder and more patient with myself. I understand now that coaching is not a linear process, but a journey that unfolds step by step, and I now have the courage to take the next step and do what feels right for now. I don't have to have it all figured out - I just need to take the next best step.

Allegra is the person you want by your side. She believes in you, cheers you on, and holds space for your growth with wisdom and compassion. She is an example of what's possible too - always leading the way with her own creativity and presence.

This community is a place where one can be oneself. It's patient and yet strongly encouraging. It's wise from a deep well. It's a space you can come to discover, and you won't be shamed or made less than for not "crushing it".

I’d recommend this work to a coach who has tried other programs, spent lots of money, and is about to give up. It's a place where you can start afresh, with new eyes, curiosity and perspective. It's a place where you can discover who you are, now in your life and you don't have to have it all figured out!

Coaching with Allegra as part of the Niching Compass is like coming home to yourself after years of thinking you've been doing it wrong, or aren't enough. It's a soft place to land, and it calls forth your curiosity, creativity, and courage.

"I was able to break out of the traditional coaching model, and explore creative ways of coaching that feel unique, authentic to me, and fun!"

- Marta Regalado, Life and Wellness Coach

When I decided to join the Niching Compass, I was already coaching clients, but I had no idea what my niche was and really thought that as a coach I should be able to coach anyone.

As a result of working with Allegra, I feel so much more confident communicating who I am as a coach: My strengths, values, and unique gifts, as well as what I can provide for my clients. 

I also have so much more clarity on my “who.” I’m better able to identify who I think would most benefit from my coaching, and who wouldn’t, as well as who I like to coach and why.  

I was able to break out of the traditional coaching model, and explore creative ways of coaching that feel unique, authentic to me, and fun!

I highly enjoyed the self-discovery process. Through YouMap, I now have a solid framework to refer back to that helps inform me of what jobs, positions, activities are a good fit and which aren’t. I also have a much more solid understanding of values and strengths and the role they play in our lives.  

Being in The Niching Compass was an amazing experience. It gave me so much insight into who I am as a person and as a coach. The course taught me to really embrace my values, strengths, and what makes me unique. Allegra is fun, inspiring, and encourages you to explore what's possible for you. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her support is invaluable. Her strength as an activator really helped get me into action. Allegra talks about helping you "shine your light," and in return she really shines a light on you.

This work is perfect if you can't decide on a niche, feel stuck in your coaching business, can't seem to find any clients or don't really know what makes you different as a coach. 

Coaching with Allegra is like having her shine a light on you, where you feel seen, heard, and truly supported.

"Allegra has been amazing and has set the bar high for how I want to show up and be available to my clients."

- Amy Bellis, Second-Wife Coach

What I love about the Niching Compass are Allegra’s insights and ideation, as well as those of the guest teachers - it all brings together so many subtleties that would otherwise be missed in not only explaining our who, but also our what, why, how, and how we stay true to ourselves.

Halfway through the program, I’ve realized that it's not just about WHO we are in the coaching landscape but who we are as humans and how that affects the actual function of our job. As coaches, we are the product.

I am definitely more clear on my who/how/what and am gaining confidence in not having to fit in or that there is only one way to do it.

Allegra has been amazing and has set the bar high for how I want to show up and be available to my clients.

"As a result of the Niching Compass I have created my first client."

- Penny Gambill, creator of Women, Wine and Weightloss

The Niching Compass is for the coach who feels like she is just supposed to pick a niche but is struggling and having Niching Drama. When I started the program I was finishing up my coaching track and getting ready to start marketing. The Niching Compass was all about me and discovering what is unique and then translating that to my coaching and being supported by Allegra during the process.

Now, instead of telling people about the changes that I can help them make, I am sharing with them my unique point of view about it. I know how to ask people if they would like to join me or coach with me. I am not trying to be a coach for everyone and know that I will attract my ideal client naturally.
This program is UNIQUE, Relatable, RELEVANT and Authentic, and unlike other programs you walk away with knowledge and a skill set that can be applied to Anything in your life.

Coaching with Allegra as part of the Niching Compass is like being given a "Legend" and creating a road map for your unique coaching practice. In this program Allegra is your guide who will keep referring you to back to your very own compass.

"The Niching Compass is allowing and aligned and is where I learned to trust myself again and quit looking outside for advice and approval."

- Dana Basten, Life Coach

I began the Niching Compass feeling conflicted and scattered. I believed that there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t convince myself to enjoy entrepreneurship.

I was looking for someone to give me permission to do things differently, or not do it at all. Turns out, I was that person. I just needed to learn to love and trust myself enough to say those things out loud, to stop fearing judgement. Allegra provided that safe place.

Allegra not only made it okay to be me, she made the “me” part so important that I learned to own it and take pride in it.

The Niching Compass removes all the “should do” and then provides the buffet of “could do” so that each individual coach can move forward with their “wants to do” based on their inner compass.

To the coach who is confused. The coach who is forcing themself to suffer through to meet self imposed deadlines. The coach who loves helping people but doesn’t love the structure of business. The coach who feels on the edge of burnout. To the coach who just doesn’t feel like they can be themself as they practice - the Niching Compass is for you.

"working with allegra is a pleasure. you feel seen, heard, and supported."

Allegra is a ray of light and a defender of Truth.

Working with her has been a pleasure. You feel seen, heard, and supported.

The Niching Compass is one of the few programs I'm familiar with that blends both the thinking work with action.

This is a great program for coaches who are just starting out, have no experience with marketing, or are making a major switch in their marketing/niche.
It's like having a Sherpa in your pocket.

"Working with Allegra is an exploration into your true self, like traveling with a guiding star that leads you do your own place in the galaxy"

I decided to join the Niching Compass after finishing my coaching Certification and wondering what comes next.

Allegra brought me the realization that I was free to create my coaching experience the way I wanted, not in the way of someone else.

Now I am following my own path, my own journey, reaching out, taking risks, learning by doing, and being myself.
This is more a journey of self-discovery, a good fit for a coach who is uncomfortable with the current approach to a 'coaching business'

Working with Allegra is an exploration into your true self, like traveling with a guiding star that leads you do your own place in the galaxy

Where to next?

"The vision for my practice is getting more clear with every session."

What I love about the Niching Compass is the structure of the program, the environment, being able to use Voxer, guest speakers, the flexibility and of course Allegra and her belief in our ability to create something that works for us.

We’re only have-way through and already I’ve discovered that there are so many ways to create a practice be a coach. Embracing a wider definition has allowed me to create a path that I can move forward with.

The YouMap was so validating for me and it changed the way I’ve thought about what I have to offer my clients. Having language to help me describe it all has been invaluable. The other big breakthrough has been the consistent message from you and the guest speakers about creating a practice, environment, etc. that works for me and attracts “my people” a game changer in my opinion!

The vision for my practice is getting more clear with every session.

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