A new approach to niching for coaches

The coach in a hoodie


Tune in for an authentic and unique perspective on coaching. If you've been feeling stuck in your practice, not knowing who you are or what you bring to the table as a coach, this podcast is for you!

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Podcast w/ Allegra Stein

⊙ Shine a light on all of the coaching “shoulds” you’ve been operating under (because you can’t solve a problem until you’re aware of it!)

⊙ Discover one of my favorite tools to move you back in to creativity and choice within your coaching practice

⊙ Start de-programming all of the rules that have been holding you back and start embracing the things you WANT to do next

Stop Shoulding All over yourself!

Dear Coaches..

A free worksheet to help you uncover all of the stuffy coaching rules that are weighing you down.