What if I told you that being a coach, and building your practice, doesn’t have to be this hard?

to getting your excitement back, feeling confident, and creating your next client

A unique coaching experience to take you from a confused, out-of-alignment coach,

w/ Allegra Stein


The adventure begins with you

I’ve got good news – if you’re feeling discouraged and stuck, there’s an easy way to close the gap between you and your next client. 

The reason you’re feeling stuck isn’t because you’re not smart enough to figure things out on your own, or not committed enough to do the hard work. You’re simply more creative and interesting than the path you’ve been on has allowed you to be.

Because who you are is as much a part of your niche as who you want to help and how you deliver your craft. The Niching Compass explores all three, starting with YOU.

The Niching Compass puts YOU at the heart of your coaching and your practice.

Maybe the map you’ve been given to grow your coaching and build your practice was designed with someone else’s strengths, values, skills and lifestyle in mind.

Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin.

Either way, trying to fit yourself into someone else’s prescription can end up feeling like you’re a square peg being shoved into a round hole – leading to overwhelm, inaction and discouragement.

...From embracing and communicating your Special Sauce to designing compelling coaching experiences, and making more confident investments in business-building programs.

The Niching Compass is a one-of-a-kind  framework designed to help you: 

When you understand your unique Strengths, define your top Values, get clear on your Preferred Skills, and align to your Interests and Lifestyle – everything becomes easier and feels more authentic...

Communicate these gifts to your audience and prospective clients with impact

Build confidence in what sets you apart as a coach

Build your practice in a way that is best aligned to, and amplifies, your values

Design compelling coaching experiences that you’re excited to share with others





I have started to embrace and love my strengths and can see that there are people who need those gifts. 

I can also say out loud with confidence that I am a coach. Before the Niching compass, I was afraid to share that part of me and now, as a result of the Niching Compass, I feel more comfortable sharing that part of my life with others.

I have the right mindset and motivation to face and conquer my fears, have started to reach out and have conversations with women in science - something new and challenging for me - and I have created a coaching project that I am excited about. 

This program has given wings to my dreams and ideas and Allegra’s adaptability is the cure to my anxiety and burnout, helping me understand that this is not about perfection. It’s about experimenting, learning and adapting.

"There are no other words that could better describe my experience in the Niching Compass but to say that it has been a life-changing, long-lasting, and empowering experience."

- Itzamarie Chevere-Torres, STEM Career Coach

Design and float your Coaching Project – a nimble, snappy offer that you can create and get out into the world quickly 


We'll use your YouMap profile to unlock your unique strengths, values, skills and interests, aligned to your lifestyle and quirks.




There are 3 phases of the Niching Compass program:

Want to learn more about the curriculum?

Want to learn more about the curriculum?

start shining and inviting. Get your point of view and offer out there, invite people to take the next step in your coaching partnership, and get coaching.



Are you ready to:

Uncover your unique coaching identity and style?

Honor and lead with your values as you build your practice?

Find clarity around what you have to offer and who you can serve?

Design and kickstart an aligned Coaching Project?

See how you stand out in a sea of coaches?

Start spending time on your practice in a way that energizes you?

Close the gap between you and your next client?

What I love about the Niching Compass are Allegra’s insights - it all brings together so many subtleties that would otherwise be missed in not only explaining our who, but also our what, why, how, and how we stay true to ourselves.

I am definitely more clear on my who/how/what and am gaining confidence in not having to fit in or that there is only one way to do it.

Allegra has been amazing and has set the bar high for how I want to show up and be available to my clients.

"Allegra has been amazing and I'm gaining confidence in not having to fit in or that there is only one way to do it"

- Amy Bellis, The Second-Wife Coach

"There is the perfect coaching idea out there for you that you don't realize, and this will help you find it."

"I now know who I am as a coach. Working with allegra is like a breath of fresh air"

"If you're at all on the fence... it's a no brainer. Join immediately."

Success stories from the Niching Compass

Ready for an Adventure?

⊙ Your personalized YouMap, including all assessments and a Strengths Insight Guide
⊙ A 12 week course/coaching partnership, combining the 8 Chapter Niching Compass Course (via Thinkific) with powerful group coaching and personalized support

⊙ Small group (5 coaches/cohort) coaching experience with individualized attention

⊙ Private FB group for coaching support and community building

⊙ Weekly, 1-hr live coaching calls with Allegra

⊙ 2x30 minute 1:1 laser sessions with Allegra 

⊙ Voxer Office Hours with Allegra on Fridays for additional 1:1 support

⊙ Live classes and coaching with guest teachers Alex Baisley (Big Dream Program) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies).

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the Niching Compass includes:

misfit to maverick
coaching Community

Let's Go!

The Niching compass will be the flagship program
in the upcoming
misfit to maverick
coaching community.
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I don’t believe we ever end up where we started – life is like an evolutionary tree or an upward spiral, not a circle.

Also, staying stuck is not an option with the Niching Compass Program! Particularly in the first half of the program.

Every coach that has gone through this program walks out feeling more relaxed, more hopeful, more centered, and clear about who they are and what they’re bringing into their coaching. 

I’m worried I’m going to end up right where I started, which is with lots of information but at a loss as to how to best create my business?

I hear you.

And I want you to know that I’m committed to supporting you in whatever way that I can. If you’re committed to showing up and doing the work, I know you’ll experience growth and create a deeper level of self-awareness AND motion in your coaching practice.

I'm a little worried that I wont ‘get it’ and therefore I wont create anything from this course...

Yes! Check out the details and curriculum for the cohorts here.

do you have any more details about the upcoming sessions?

I began the Niching Compass feeling conflicted and scattered. I believed that there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t convince myself to enjoy entrepreneurship.

I was looking for someone to give me permission to do things differently, or not do it at all. Turns out, I was that person. I just needed to learn to love and trust myself enough to say those things out loud, to stop fearing judgement. Allegra provided that safe place.

Allegra not only made it okay to be me, she made the “me” part so important that I learned to own it and take pride in it.

The Niching Compass removes all the “should do” and then provides the buffet of “could do” so that each individual coach can move forward with their “wants to do” based on their inner compass.

"The Niching Compass is allowing and aligned and is where I learned to trust myself again and quit looking outside for advice and approval."

- Dana Basten, Certified Life Coach

Ready to stop feeling stuck & start rocking your coaching business?

Check out my notes to coaches for my spiky point of view on being a coach, rebelling against the coaching industrial complex, and carving our own unique paths through the coaching landscape.

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