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Archived Guest Teachers

Molly O'Riley

Creativity as Self-Care

1) You’ll learn practical creative practices to help you slow down and reconnect with yourself

2) You will gain some understanding around how creativity makes us human and powerfully connects us

3) You will have easily accessible practices to use when you’re overwhelmed and need to get grounded

Kristy Halvorsen shares her unique insights gleaned while creating a successful coaching practice while “coddiwompling” her way around the world based in an Airstream trailer.

What if we could build a business, make difference in people’s lives and do that while living in total freedom? Together we will explore what is possible when we unpredict our journey of growing a business and enjoy a life well lived while pointing others in the same direction.

Kristy Halvorsen

Can You Grow a Business Without Trying?

Think of all the tools you draw from, advice you give, processes you guide and spontaneous exercises you facilitate for your coaching clients. When you break your rolodex of transformational techniques apart, you have a library of potential mini-courses, all of which lead your clients to specific results. 

Brad Morris

Create your Mini Course Library

Rachel Allen

How to Write a Bio that Shows You At Your Best

Your bio is your first impression, credentials, and personality all in one. No wonder they're so hard for most people to create! What do you include? How do you show off without putting people off? And what if you're multi-passionate and find it really hard to fit what you do into a box?

A simple way to take your 'thing' and start earning money with it by creating an experience for others in a Club.

1. Learn the fast-unlocking power of the 'income project' - start something tomorrow without any BIG decisions.

2. See what happens when you blend 3 interests together and you're suddenly very unique.

3. Why it makes a lot of sense (including financially) to build your unique business from the lifestyle up. Not the other way around. Lifestyle first, then back your business into it. :)

Alex Baisley

Start a Facebook Club!

Imagine if you could make potential clients feel instantly like they already know, like and trust you. Imagine if the words you use online and in presentations told your dream clients that you are The One — so they’ll do absolutely anything they can to work with you. 

This is the power of telling captivating stories! 

Marsha Shandur

Tell Captivating Stories

Fanny Priest

From Striving To Safety: Post-Traumatic Growth for Healers & Solopreneurs

In this powerful class:

1. Find out why mindset work, marketing & business strategies, and systems alone cannot overcome the obstacles you face in growing your coaching business.

2. Identify the ways in which developmental trauma & shame keep you stuck in patterns of protection which prevent you from experiencing the connection, ease, and success that you desire.

3. Learn practical methods for creating safety in your body, feelings, and needs that will help you experience post-traumatic growth & sustainable success in your coaching business.

 Remi will teach her approach to zine -making and you'll learn how to make your own. Remi Germaine is an illustrator who loves making zines and art journaling. She started making zines to share her illustrations and then discovered the joy of sharing my personal stories! 

Remi Germaine

Zine Making

Discover how your voice affects your presence and the relationship between voice and intention. Develop a deeper understanding of how to use your voice to connect with your audience.

Nathan Crocker

The Intentional Voice: Connecting to Clients through Voice, Breath and Presence

Amy Johnson

Just a Thought

The class can be a discussion of my book, Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind, with exploration of how seeing "that's just what minds do" can be transformational personally and in our work with clients. 

For all of you who want to Shine your light through video (even if it feels Terrexcitifying!), this one is for you. No experience necessary, just a spirit of curiosity and play!

Video doesn't need to feel so awkward, scary, or intimidating. This hands-on training teaches you exactly how to bring out your own unique "It Factor" so you're shining your genuine personality on camera. 

It's time to simplify your early process while learning how to feel comfy + confident in your videos

Sarah Brown

How to Show Up as Yourself In Your Biz Videos

Ready to stop feeling stuck & start  coaching?

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