You’re not here to build a coaching franchise or become a coaching clone.

Dear Coaches...

A community for coaches who want to do things their own way, where the coach and the coaching come first

w/ Allegra Stein

The adventure begins with you

Coaching is one of the most creative and dynamic fields to be in, and yet, whether you’re recently certified or you’ve been in it for a while, you might be experiencing some of the following frustrations:

I'm Ready!

All of the above problems are resolvable but not without looking at...

I’ve got great news. You can be your authentic self AND build an aligned coaching practice. In fact, the more of YOU that you bring into your work, the more sustainable your path will be.

When did it become so difficult to
simply start coaching? 

Many clients come to me feeling like they need to pick a niche for forever, build a website, master social media, invest in branding, construct a funnel and test Facebook ads, or invest thousands of dollars in a “proven system” before they can start coaching. Why haven’t any of these paths been a right fit for you?? “I just want to coach,” is a common refrain at this stage.

You have no idea what your niche is and it feels like until you can figure THAT out you are at a total standstill. The options ahead of you might feel overwhelming - as if you’ve opened up Pandora’s Box. “Now what?” you might be asking yourself.

Niche drama reigns!

You're stuck in the black hole of “Everything But Coaching”: 

You are uncertain about how to bring together all of your interests and new skills to create an awesome offering.

You’re wondering if you’re doing coaching the “right way”:

The Four Fatal Flaws Of The Coaching Industrial Complex (CIC):

I want in

It suggests that there’s a one-size fits all, ‘right way’ and proven system model that is the right fit for every coach...

It focuses on the BUSINESS of coaching before encouraging you to deepen your experience with the CRAFT of coaching. 

Niching is an essential first step and 100% about identifying a very (very) specific target market that can fit into the following formulation, “I help _____ (kinds of people) struggling with _______ (specific problem) achieve ________ (result they’re craving),” and then sticking with it forever and ever.

… and that if you can’t figure it out there must be something wrong with YOU - your mindset, your level of commitment, or your ability to stick to the plan.





These four narratives are powerful. 

If they aren’t questioned, they can stop vibrant and inspired coaches in their tracks, especially those of us who deep down feel like there HAS to be another way - one that aligns with our unique gifts, embraces and maximizes our quirks and our strengths, and values creativity, curiosity, adventure, and hands-on experience.

I’ll say it again: You’re not here to build a coaching franchise or become a coaching clone. You want to build a unique, interesting, one-of-a kind boutique coaching practice that aligns to and optimizes your work preferences and coaching special sauce!

And I totally disagree with them. 

Imagine if you could….

⊙ confidently communicate, both to yourself and others, what sets you apart as a coach - your Special Sauce!

⊙ develop your coaching practice through a collection of actionable, nimble, creative PROJECTS instead of the behemoth that is “building a coaching business.”

⊙ map out a clear direction for your coaching, including your niche (for now!) and the nimble, snappy offer you want to put out in the world

⊙ fully express yourself through your coaching in your own, unique way

⊙ build your practice in alignment with your work preferences, true to you and your style

⊙ take action, get unstuck, and start trusting yourself

⊙ break free of traditional coaching prescriptions and the factory settings of the Coaching Industrial Complex

⊙ uncover new language to describe your work and your contribution

⊙ fully own your unique coaching journey

⊙ simplify it all and create your first clients

This is possible.

Show Me How!

The Niching Compass taught me to really embrace my values, strengths, and what makes me unique. Allegra is fun, inspiring, and encourages you to explore what's possible for you. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her strength as an activator really helped get me into action. 

This work is perfect if you can't decide on a niche, feel stuck in your coaching business, can't seem to find any clients or don't really know what makes you different as a coach. 

Coaching with Allegra is like having her shine a light on you, where you feel seen, heard, and truly supported.

"Working with Allegra gave me so much insight into who I am as a person and as a coach."

I have started to embrace and love my strengths and can see that there are people who need those gifts. 

I can also say out loud with confidence that I am a coach. Before the Niching compass, I was afraid to share that part of me and now, as a result of this work, I feel more comfortable sharing that part of my life with others.

This program has given wings to my dreams and ideas. Allegra’s adaptability is the cure to my anxiety and burnout, helping me understand that this is not about perfection. It’s about experimenting, learning and adapting.

"it has been a life-changing, long-lasting, and empowering experience."

Itzamarie Chevere-Torres
STEM Career Coach

HI! I'm Allegra!

I’ve been coaching for over 8 years, and, as an Ideator and Activator, I haven’t just THOUGHT about coaching, I’ve brought countless ideas to life - both in how I deliver my coaching AND how I build and market my practice. 

Lesson #1: The way to build a sustainable, aligned coaching practice is to first focus on the coaching. 

Now, as a certified YouMap coach, I know how to help coaches get clear on, confident in, and communicate your one-of-a-kind strengths, values, preferred skills and personality based interests. No other coach brings what you bring to the table in the way that you do, from day one of your work as a coach. 

My goal has always been to honor my natural talents, stay curious, creative, and adaptable, and to bring to life as many coaching experiences as possible so that I can learn through doing. I believe it’s only as a result of diverse coaching experiences that we build a foundation upon which to grow a sustainable coaching practice.

And I believe that there are many coaches who want to be given permission to be yourself in your work, to amplify your unique gifts, build a practice in your own unique way, and prioritize the coaching over the business of the coaching. Through coaching you develop the confidence and clarity needed to commit to and build a sustainable coaching practice.

I'm here to help you build a practice that celebrates your quirks, aligns to your work preferences, and is focused on coaching.

For a long time, I invested money, energy and belief into the Coaching Industrial Complex’s hype that there’s a right way to do this work and that if I could JUST figure it out, I’d “be successful”. 

 I’ve learned a few big things over the years:

Lesson #2: There is no “proven system” or one right way. But there is a right way for you. 

Lesson #3: You’re not doing things wrong, you’re doing things your way – and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Lesson #4: Who YOU are is as much a part of your niche as who you want to help. In fact, you can experiment with and change your niche and not have to start over!!



One of the things I'm most excited about with M2M is being able to bring you all of my future ideas, projects, coaching, courses, classes, conversations, and more.

All future classes, courses, and magic!


Feedback and brainstroming threads

Get feedback on your work, websites, copy, videos and projects. These threads will offer you the space to get fresh eyes on your current project assets - you're not working in isolation!

Monthly Voxer Office Hours


Need some additional 1:1 support with Allegra? Connect during a monthly Day of Voxer Office Hours for personalized workshopping and connection. 

Snail mail surprises


Because I can’t resist sending things off in the post.

Belonging, Community, and Accounability


Your Maverick Logbook


Weekly open coaching and mentorship calls with allegra and the M2M Community

Weekly MaverickMind Calls



Weekly, 90 minute live coaching and Q&A’s with Allegra. Bring any question you have about your YouMap®, the Niching Compass, or your current coaching project to the table and we'll workshop it together.

Monthly classes and conversation with Allegra

MaverickMind calls are your chance to connect with fellow Mavericks for support and accountability; enjoy an 11-minute hotseat each session to work through new ideas and get focused support and accountability.


Every month we have a group class/conversation about a relevant coaching topic, from pricing to point of view. These conversation are dynamic, insightful, and actionable.

Document your learning in your personal Project Log on our Mighty Networks Platform - capture progress and reflections on the Niching Compass course as well as current coaching projects. These journals are a space to both offer support AND be supported. Allegra and fellow coaches will provide coaching and feedback on your log!

Click here to learn about
our upcoming guest teachers.

Regular Guest Teacher Classes


One of the most valuable parts of our basecamp. Meet a new teacher every month for a live class and Q&A.

M2M is a high touch, high engagement community of incredible coaches. There is no need to do this work alone - we have one another. Use this shared space for connection, feedback, brainstorming, support, and to help hold yourself accountable to your intentions, projects and micro actions.

Misfit to Maverick

a community for coaches who want to do things their own way, where the coach and the coaching comes first

Imagine belonging to a community of coaches who are all committed to the same thing - staying true to themselves and focusing every day on the craft of coaching.

You’ll get ongoing mentorship with allegra AND the support of a village of coaches speaking the same language and in support of one another.

Your Misfit to Maverick Membership includes:

Being in Misfit to Maverick has shown me the possibility that my coaching practice can look different than what I was trained it should look like. I also love the guest teachers who come and share what this looks like in practice. 

It has given me a rejuvenation of sorts in my brain around creating something that I can get excited about and an awareness of how to use my strengths, values and interests to work FOR me. The experience has also led to connection with other coaches in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

If another coach asked what I thought of M2M, I would tell them it's amazing. If you are struggling with the prescriptive life coaching steps that are the only way to be successful, try this and it will change everything.

M2M makes me think of a restaurant. Coaching programs have the fine print that dishes are to be trusted as the chef is the expert at pairing ingredients and no substitutions are allowed. M2M says, here are our offerings but we would love for you to create the meal you want. Substitutions and exchanges are encouraged.

It’s 100% different from other coaching programs. The best way for me to describe that difference is curious, compassionate freedom.

"Misfit to Maverick has shown me the possibility that my coaching practice can look different than what I was trained it should look like."

As a result of Misfit to Maverick I am experiencing more ease and trust in myself and finding ease in my abilities as a coach. I had been so focused on “getting it right” and trying to push myself into a box I didn’t fit in for the last couple of years that I felt stressed out all the time. M2M has helped me step back and develop my foundation of ME. Getting clear about what lights me up makes connecting with my best people so much easier! 

Whether you join for a month, a couple months, or a year, you won’t regret a minute of it. Allegra is great at helping you get out of your own way. She has cultivated a community made up of people just like you, folks dedicated to finding their own voice and ready to support each other to do the same.

The experience is like finding a bright, determined flower growing from a crack in the middle of a concrete parking lot framed with orderly hedges; it would not be a good fit for people who feel most secure in an orderly rule-based organization where A + B can only equal C.

M2M encourages you to trust what you already know about coaching and refines it to YOUR way. In M2M you learn how to trust your instincts and intuition rather than follow a specific program.

If you feel like you need a step-by-step program to learn how to coach, this isn't that. M2M takes what you already know and helps you expand your ideas and grow your coaching garden your way, with all the upbeat help, suggestions, and guidance you want along the way.

"Allegra is great at helping you get out of your own way."

Loralee Dodson,

Laura Kallister

Fanny Priest


From Striving To Safety: Post-Traumatic Growth for Healers & Solopreneurs

In this powerful class:

1. Find out why mindset work, marketing & business strategies, and systems alone cannot overcome the obstacles you face in growing your coaching business.

2. Identify the ways in which developmental trauma & shame keep you stuck in patterns of protection which prevent you from experiencing the connection, ease, and success that you desire.

3. Learn practical methods for creating safety in your body, feelings, and needs that will help you experience post-traumatic growth & sustainable success in your coaching business.

For all of you who want to Shine your light through video (even if it feels Terrexcitifying!), this one is for you. No experience necessary, just a spirit of curiosity and play!

Video doesn't need to feel so awkward, scary, or intimidating. This hands-on training teaches you exactly how to bring out your own unique "It Factor" so you're shining your genuine personality on camera. 

It's time to simplify your early process while learning how to feel comfy + confident in your videos.


Sarah Brown

How to Show Up as Yourself In Your Biz Videos

The class Will be a discussion of my book, Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind, with exploration of how seeing "that's just what minds do" can be transformational personally and in our work with clients. 

Amy Johnson


Just a Thought -a book Club AND live Workshop experience

Upcoming Guest Teachers



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Looking for someone to tell you the right way to do this thing called coaching. I don’t believe there is one right way, but there is a right way for you. In fact, I think it’s all of the noise being pumped out of the Coaching Industrial Complex that is clogging up your innate ability to learn and grow. 

In a rush to figure things out. I’m willing to support you at whatever pace you want to move, but know that I will always take a stand for taking your time and running as many experiments as you need to find what works for you. I believe that to speed up, we must first slow down.

Motivated primarily by money and looking for the quickest path towards profitability. I’m a fan of being profitable, but only if it’s sustainable, aligned to your work preferences, centered, and created around something you’re inspired by! Remember- first coaching, then the coaching practice.

Looking primarly for strategic advice or "proven systems" about things like funnels or FB ads that convert. Those things can be important business building tools, but they’re not the primary focus of this work.

This likely will NOT be a fit if you are:

You’ll show up and participate, play, contribute, ask for help, share your story, and support others. This is a community we’re building and I want coaches who want to be a part of that special spirit.

This feels like a Hell Yes. There is no need to add one more thing to your life you feel kind of tepid about. Plus, it won’t really work unless you’re excited to dive in!

You're willing to ask for AND offer support. I am not the only coach in the room here, and one of the most magical experiences is having the attention and support of other amazing coaches from around the world. 

You’re willing to take your time with the lessons you’ll be learning. The material offered in your first month alone is deeply transformative, but only if you’re willing to sit with and marinate in everything it has to offer.

You’re ready to take action. Misfit to Maverick is a tool that will only be as valuable as the Treehouse you choose to build with it. You must be willing to apply all of the things you learn and experiment to get the most out of this work (even if it feels terrecitifying!)

You’re overwhelmed by (or disillusioned with!) the Coaching Industrial Complex and want to start carving your own path.

Misfit to Maverick would be a great fit if:

You're Invited to Join the Misfit to Maverick Basecamp

You're Invited to Join the Misfit to Maverick Basecamp

If you’re ready to get your personalized YouMap, start building a coaching practice aligned to your one-of-a-kind gifts and strengths, and join a community of coaches all in support of our unique and individual journeys, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us.

To join Misfit to Maverick you first must complete YouMap® for Coaches. 

Doors Closed!

Click here to learn more

I can’t think of a BETTER time to be a part of this community. At the VERY least, I think EVERY coach should have their YouMap as soon as possible in their coaching journey. You’ll be getting that plus a whole lot more. If you want to be encouraged to TRUST YOURSELF from day 1, this is the place to be.

I am a brand new coach, is this right for me?

Most definitely. It is never too late to start carving your own path and embracing your unique gifts in your practice. If you’ve found yourself disillusioned with or misaligned to traditional coaching prescriptions, this is the space for you.

I’ve been coaching for a while, is this right for me?

No other coaching program for coaches starts with your YouMap, your personalized, one-of-a-kind profile highlighting your unique strengths, values, skills and interests. I believe this is THE most important step for any new coach (or seasoned coaching looking for a fresh start!)

In addition, this is not a "one size fits all" or "proven system" model that is going to teach you THE one-and-only-way to build your practice. Rather, we'll help you carve your own path, align to your quirks and personality, and stay focused on the most important part of your work -- your coaching.

Below are some answers to a feedback question I ask my Niching Compass coaches, "how is this approach different from other programs?"

How is this different from other coaching programs that are out there?

No - that is not my zone of genius, nor is it the focus of this program. I am going to teach you how to be more you, work in alignment with your work preferences, stay focused and trust yourself. That said, we won't avoid The Business of Coaching - we'll just make sure it's coming in the right order and not increasing the gap between you and your next conversation. In addition,  I will be bringing in amazing Guest Teachers every month who will teach on relevant and creative business practices!

Are you going to teach me how to build FB ads, increase my traffic, or grow my social media following?

You can cancel your membership at any time without hassle. If you haven't taken your YouMap assessments, a money-back guarantee is available within 30 days of signing up.

What if I don’t like it?

Honestly, I would love if connecting with this space was something that started your coaching day -- not to linger as a form of avoiding, or to become another Everything But Coaching distraction, but to state your goals, journal your progress, ask for help as needed, offer words of support to another coach who may need it -- and then get out there and take some action. 

During the first couple of months of your membership, to get the most out of the Niching Compass course you’ll want to set aside at least an hour of time each week to watch the lessons and spend time with the workbook. It is strongly encouraged that you also come to at least one of the two Niching Compass coaching calls each month.

How much time will it take? 

No problem! Send me an email at and we’ll get you set!

I still have a question!

As a result of this experience, I think I am kinder and more patient with myself. I understand now that coaching is not a linear process, but a journey that unfolds step by step, and I now have the courage to take the next step and do what feels right for now. I don't have to have it all figured out - I just need to take the next best step.

This community is a place where one can be oneself. It's patient and yet strongly encouraging. It's wise from a deep well. It's a space you can come to discover, and you won't be shamed or made less than for not "crushing it". It's a place where you can discover who you are, now in your life and you don't have to have it all figured out!

"Allegra has been amazing and I'm gaining confidence in not having to fit in or that there is only one way to do it"

Annique Sampson
Midwife and Life Coach

I decided to join Allegra’s program after I'd finished my coaching certification but wasn't quite sure how to get started with creating clients.

As a result I've learned a lot more about my ideal client's language through a Conversation Project, have created three new clients and may have 2-3 additional clients coming on board next week. I'm moving forward with my coaching practice, even though I'm still nervous about it.

Allegra is both insightful and encouraging. Her approach to coaching would be a good fit if you’re afraid or unsure of how to get started, or excited about coaching but can't figure out how to connect with potential clients.

"As a result, I have created 3 new clients & may have 2-3 additional clients coming on board."

Dr. Natasha Knight
Discover the Remarkable You


I am so fed up by this narrative because 1) it puts the coaching LAST on the list, 2) for many of us creative, amazing, mis-fitty types, this is not the path we want to be on, and 3) trying to follow all of these rules is keeping us from trusting ourselves and accessing our deeper wisdom and capabilities.

We want to do things our own way. To be more interesting, creative, and a maverick in the coaching world. We want to learn THROUGH coaching, not as a result of mastering Everything But Coaching.

If you’re ready to get your coaching off the ground in a way that is more simple, fun, creative, and sustainable, Misfit to Maverick is for you.

Pick a niche for forever
Develop a program
Build a website
Master everything but coaching
And THEN you can coach.

The coaching Industry pumps out a pretty loud message:

Ready to stop feeling stuck & start  coaching?

Still not sure if this is a fit? Ask me a question.

Let's Go!

Start by joining a YouMap® for Coaches Cohort

    Check out my notes to coaches for my spiky point of view on being a coach, rebelling against the coaching industrial complex, and carving our own unique paths through the coaching landscape.

    New Approach to Coaching