Coaches, particularly early in the journey, think a lot about coaching sessions, clients, and getting paid – especially if getting paid for coaching is a goal we have for our work (not every coach does!) I get it. I think about it, too. This work is my career, not a hobby. I’ve also discovered that […]

What if “getting clients” is not the star we revolve around?

Have you ever watched how kids explore a playground? They’re like little ants scurrying around. One minute they’re on the swings, then they dart to a slide, and the bars, back to the swing. It’s never ending. This is called playing – unstructured, exploratory, adventurous. Can you imagine bringing a kid to a new playground […]

What would you try today if you never had to do it again?

Being a coach is an infinite game. We make the rules up all of the time, and can change them whenever we want. A recent example: For a while I’ve been sending Notes to Coaches to my email circle seven days a week. Most mornings I write the Note an hour or so before it’s […]

You make the rules up. You can change them.

There is a strong narrative in the coaching industry that in order to get start coaching we first have to meet new people. We’re told “don’t coach your friends” and we HEAR “don’t coach anyone you know, are connected with, or have every met in your lifetime.” Why not? Social media seemingly connects us to […]

The safety, and habit, of looking for new people

So now (I hope) you have a Date, Time, and Place on the books. What now? How do you increase the chances that someone will show up? You extend invitations. One at a time. To human beings, individuals, people you are already connected to in some way. That’s right: You ask one person if they’d […]

The importance of Invitations

Terrexcitified is that exhilarating combination of terrified and excited. It’s really wanting to do something but also being way nervous about it. This feeling is a good sign – it’s something I hope you’ll walk TOWARDS instead of away from. A point on your compass that shows you “growth happens in this direction. Your potential […]


I’m currently reading Tribes by Seth Godin, where he shares the following idea: Be wildly creative with your work, go rogue, and break the rules of the Coaching Industrial Complex. It’s more fun that way. In the comments below share one coaching “rule” you would just looovvee to break.

It’s more fun to make the rules than to follow them

When you’re out there Shining your Light, I invite you consider that you’re not trying to change any minds, you’re simply sharing your Point of View. Changing someone’s mind is not within our control – it’s an untenable measure of whether or message is worthy of sharing. When our intention is to change someone’s mind, […]

You’re not trying to change minds

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