During my coach certification I was told, “don’t coach your friends.” What I heard was, “don’t coach anyone you already know.” This set me up for believing that in order to start coaching I first had to meet someone new, which in and of itself becomes a barrier and a distraction. I continue to hear […]

On not coaching your friends

Set up a workshop that only 1 person showed up for? Congratulations! That means you created a workshop and invited a person. High five! Worried you “bombed” one of your first coaching sessions? Congratulations! That means you were IN the work, learning, doing. The path to the perfect cookie is paved with many burned batches. […]


Coaches, particularly early in the journey, think a lot about coaching sessions, clients, and getting paid – especially if getting paid for coaching is a goal we have for our work (not every coach does!) I get it. I think about it, too. This work is my career, not a hobby. I’ve also discovered that […]

What if “getting clients” is not the star we revolve around?

One of the key principles I learned when becoming a teacher was the importance of designing a differentiated classroom (I was a Teach For America teacher in the Bronx from 2003-2005, earned my Masters in Education from Pace during that same time, and taught at the high school level from 2005-2008.) Readingrockets.org defines differentiation in […]

A differentiated classroom

Have you ever watched how kids explore a playground? They’re like little ants scurrying around. One minute they’re on the swings, then they dart to a slide, and the bars, back to the swing. It’s never ending. This is called playing – unstructured, exploratory, adventurous. Can you imagine bringing a kid to a new playground […]

What would you try today if you never had to do it again?

The Coaching Industrial Complex is so confusing, so misguiding, so misdirected. It has invaded our minds and our work like a zombie apocalypse. It is my perspective that everything we want to do and figure out – from practicing our craft to answering the questions around how to build our practice – emerges out of […]

It’s no wonder we’re so confused and overwhelmed

If you’re thinking about making some kind of change in your practice or trying something new, this does not mean you’re starting over. This fear can show up any time we want to pivot a bit (or a lot), either in Who we’re working with, What tools we’re using or How we’re designing our coaching. […]

You never start over

Here’s the thing about coaching: there are no rules. It’s an infinite game! There’s no proven system, singular right way, or ultimate moment of winning. You have permission to be wildly creative. I have long thought, in fact, that coaching is one of the most creative industries to be a part of. Even if you […]

You’re not lost, you’re figuring it out

On August 2, 2021, I hosted a free class: The Key Ingredients of your Coaching Special Sauce. Below is the replay as well as collAHAge the participants created. I hope you find it insightful. Check out the slides here.

The Key Ingredients of your Coaching Special Sauce

So now (I hope) you have a Date, Time, and Place on the books. What now? How do you increase the chances that someone will show up? You extend invitations. One at a time. To human beings, individuals, people you are already connected to in some way. That’s right: You ask one person if they’d […]

The importance of Invitations

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