I think that in the coaching world, especially coming out of certifications with large community elements and then joining groups of coaches on various platforms (including the one that I run!), things can start to feel very safe and insulated – like a warm and comfy bubble. Coaches are always excited about coaching. We have […]


July 13, 2021

On Coaching Bubbles

Your coaching is a boat. Your certifications, tools, and experience are your sails (I also call this stuff your What). You are the captain of that boat, a partner and guide for those clients on Island A who want to journey to Island B. As you look out over the harbor you see lots of […]


July 12, 2021

Your Coaching is a Boat

The Ask Allegra series is inspired by actual questions posted in assorted coaching groups I’m a part of. Question: So, I’m new to the Life Coaching scene and I’m wondering if you would let me know how to start out? Answer: Simply practice talking to people – practice telling your friends and family what you […]


July 9, 2021

Ask Allegra: “So, I’m new to the Life Coaching scene and I’m wondering if you would let me know how to start out?”

I’m currently reading Tribes by Seth Godin, where he shares the following idea: Be wildly creative with your work, go rogue, and break the rules of the Coaching Industrial Complex. It’s more fun that way. In the comments below share one coaching “rule” you would just looovvee to break.

Coaching, Shining

July 7, 2021

It’s more fun to make the rules than to follow them

Beta Testing is a term I first learned about from the Coaching Industrial Complex (CIC) to describe the first run of a new program or coaching offer. I see coaches all the time putting out requests for “beta testers”, oftentimes offering the program at a reduced price for those early adopters. I don’t object to […]


July 6, 2021

Let’s all start running Alpha tests

There is this story you might be holding on to that to be an effective coach for someone your have to have it all figured out, to be at the END of the journey, or that coaches demonstrate our “mastery” by no longer grappling with the problem we want to help others solve. Let’s imagine […]


July 5, 2021

You do not have to have it all figured out

Five years ago I took my kids to a local nature center where they were demonstrating how to tap maple trees and turn that sap into syrup. We have a lot of maple trees around our house, and the whole thing was pretty fascinating, so on the way out I bought a $5 “tap kit” […]


June 29, 2021

On Coaching and Maple Syrup

When you’re out there Shining your Light, I invite you consider that you’re not trying to change any minds, you’re simply sharing your Point of View. Changing someone’s mind is not within our control – it’s an untenable measure of whether or message is worthy of sharing. When our intention is to change someone’s mind, […]


June 23, 2021

You’re not trying to change minds

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Check out my notes to coaches for my spiky point of view on being a coach, rebelling against the coaching industrial complex, and carving our own unique paths through the coaching landscape.