Seth Godin published a great piece recently about the Coaching Paradox – I encourage you to check it out here. One line that jumped out to me: “And part of the reason [coaching is seen as an exception] is that a few coaches have made claims that stretch belief, and we’re not actually sure what […]


July 24, 2021

How do you describe what coaching is?

What if your coaching practice could just be a growing collection of coaching experiments and projects? Imagine not having to figure out the big picture or map out a huge plan, instead focusing only on what the very next experiment might be in your work and turning all of your creativity towards it. Experiments are […]


July 23, 2021

Coaching Experiments

When it comes to your coaching practice, every time you avoid taking action because of fear or doubt, I invite you to turn your attention to the person on the other side of the fear who is waiting for someone just like you to show up and help them. All of that time you’re spending […]


July 22, 2021

When you’re stuck you’re thinking about yourself

Here’s something you can do with a new idea: Talk to people about it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Share the idea with people you trust and with whom you can brainstorm and work through next steps. So many times I see people who are sitting on an idea, unsure of what to do next, […]


July 21, 2021

Tell someone about your idea

I want to share one of my favorite exercises, one that I invite every coach I work with to complete ASAP. I call it Should, Could, Want, Will. Grab a piece of paper, turn it crosswise, and divide it into four equal columns. Title the first column Should and list all of the things you’ve […]


July 20, 2021

Should, Could, Want, Will

Terrexcitified is that exhilarating combination of terrified and excited. It’s really wanting to do something but also being way nervous about it. This feeling is a good sign – it’s something I hope you’ll walk TOWARDS instead of away from. A point on your compass that shows you “growth happens in this direction. Your potential […]

Coaching, Shining

July 19, 2021


Your people will tell you what problems they have that you might be able to solve. Your people will tell you who you most want to work with. Your people will tell you if your sales page is any good. Your people will tell you what results your coaching has helped them achieve. Your people […]


July 18, 2021

Your people will tell you everything you need to know

Trying to tell the future is an exercise in futility. So many times I talk with amazing, driven coaches who are facing a decision and don’t know where to begin. They’re asking themselves questions like, “which path will lead me to my ultimate goal,” “what if this doesn’t work out,“ or “which one of these […]


July 17, 2021

On trying to predict the future

It’s my point of view that your niche isn’t something that you pick; your niche emerges over time as a result of you doing as much coaching, playing, experimenting as you can with your work. Trying to uncover a niche at the start of one’s coaching journey is like trying to know what your signature […]


July 15, 2021

You don’t pick a niche

There’s no need to do any more “free” coaching sessions. From now on, even if you’re offering coaching on a volunteer basis, request that your clients pay you in feedback. It’s the most valuable exchange you can ask for. Imagine inviting 30 different people to have 30 different coaching sessions, asking only that in return […]


July 14, 2021

Free in exchange for feedback

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